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About us

In the frame of an evolving and more and more complex legal, tax and regulatory environment requiring inter alia a proper functioning corporate governance structure, the governing bodies (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) of investment entities are faced with increased challenges to ensure a decisional process in compliance with their fiduciary duties by considering in particular the interests and protection of investors, the transparency principles and the management of potential conflicts of interest. Due to the increased delegation of central tasks by investment entities to specialised service providers (e.g. alternative investment fund managers, portfolio or asset managers) the ongoing monitoring of delegated functions has become crucial for the Board to enable a proper performance of its duties.

Accordingly, the establishment of effective reporting and the holding of regular meetings of the Board have become mandatory instruments for the proper discharge of the Board’s duties and hence the management of Board liability.

As a specialized independent service provider, established in 2016, we support the Board in the establishment of a proper corporate governance by providing ongoing corporate and directorship services in favor of the Board and the investment entities, being Luxembourg corporate entities of any form (including S.A./ S.à r.l./ SCSp/ SCS) whether regulated (e.g. SICAV-SIF) or unregulated (e.g. RAIF) having a particular focus on investing in or financing of real assets, including renewable energy (wind, photovoltaic, hydropower), real estate, and private equity.

The management team, Mr. Serge Dollendorf and Mr. Jean-Claude Michels, are both seasoned investment professionals, each having more than 20 years of experience in the Luxembourg investment environment, during which they held several senior positions including as fund lawyers and as head of legal, compliance, structuring and portfolio management departments. Furthermore they both serve since more than 10 years as board members in several governing bodies of investment entities focusing on a broad range of different investment strategies. 1 lawyer, 2 paralegal and 2 administrative employees currently complete the team.

Our Services

We focus on providing tailored solutions to Luxembourg-based investment entities in corporate form at the exclusion of domiciliation services. Our services are rendered either upon specific request or on a continuous basis.

See what we offer, in detail:

  • Establishment of proper corporate governance of board and shareholder meetings (convening, preparation, minute taking and follow up with respect to meetings either in physical or in circular form)
  • Liaison with and if required coordination of service providers
  • Handling of corporate filings with LBR (Luxembourg Business Registers)
  • Maintenance of corporate calendars
  • Advice regarding the setup of proper board reporting based on existing / available information
  • Compilation of board packs
  • Preparation and coordination of meeting calendars
  • Assistance in the preparation of board rules to ensure proper corporate governance
  • Paralegal assistance of board members in respect of corporate matters
  • Preparation of incorporation documents or amendments thereto
  • Assistance in the bank account opening process
  • Handling of required publications
  • Coordination with service providers (in particular notaries, banks, registrars)
  • Providing information on liquidation procedures (incl. timetables, step plans)
  • Acting as liquidator or assistance to the appointed liquidator
  • Preparation of extraordinary resolutions
  • Coordination with service providers in relation to the liquidation process
  • Handling of required publications
  • Assistance in the selection of service providers
  • Assistance in relation to the search and equipment of appropriate office space
  • Assistance in the selection and hiring of staff
  • Handling of payment instructions
  • Assistance in relation to accounting and bookkeeping
  • Coordination of and assistance with administrative procedures (registrations, affiliations)
  • General coordination of service providers
  • Reception and office management services

Our Partners

In addition to our corporate and directorship services, we provide directors or managers to the different investment entities via one of our partner companies.

Directorship Mandates

Compliance. Transparency. Performance.

The philosophy pursued is to provide semi-executive directorships. The concept is based on the principle that the directors are able to play a more active role in the frame of the management of an investment entity being sparring partners for the initiator, the fund manager and the AIFM. Solution minded and proactive, the directors act in the best interest of the investors by considering the legitimate interests of the initiator, the fund manager and the AIFM, and assist in discussions with the auditor, legal advisor and investor, to provide sufficient comfort to the Board to take a decision in a particular context.

Finally, due to our long-term relationships with experienced and reliable service providers, we are able to recommend and assist in the selection of Accounting, Audit, Banking, Legal and Tax Service Providers respectively Advisors as well as suitable Office Space.

Our Team

Serge Dollendorf


+352 / 260 925-30

Jean-Claude Michels


+352 / 260 925-20

We are able to service you

in the following languages:

English, German, French, Dutch, Polish & Luxemburgish.

We are able to service you in the following languages:

English, German, French, Dutch, Polish & Luxemburgish.

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Senior Manager Corporate Legal

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Manager Operations

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Manager Operations

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